CS70 Spring 2019, Section 115

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CS70 Spring 2019, Section 115


uGSI: Yining Liu

Section: TuTh 6-7pm, Dwinelle 105

Office Hours: Th 5-6pm

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Section Resources

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Extra Resources

In Praise of Lectures by T. W. Korner

Here are the notes I wrote in summer 2018:

  • Algorithms in Modular Arithmetic View
  • CS70: Computability View
  • Mathematical Induction View
  • Lagrange Interpolation View
  • Midterm 2 Review Worksheet View
  • What Did You Learn in CS70? View

Here are the notes I wrote in fall 2017:

  • Propositional Logic and Proof Technique View
  • Stable Marriage Algorithm and Graph Theory View
  • Modular Arithmetic and Bijection View
  • Tips View
  • Fermat’s Little Theorem and RSA View
  • Polynomials, Secret Sharing and Error Correcting Code View
  • Countability and Computability View
  • Discrete Probability View
  • Application and Random Variables View
  • Discrete Random Variables View
  • Variance and Independence View
  • Conditional Expectation and Continuous Random Variables View
  • Inequalities, WLLN and CLT View
  • Markov Chain and Estimation View

Relevant Textbook: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, 7th edition, by Kenneth H. Rosen

(There are some overlaps between this textbook and CS70. It’s more rigorous than CS70 official notes, so I think it helps develop mathematical maturity. Plus, it’s a fun read.)

For probability section, I highly recommend reading the relevant sections in STAT140 textbook